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(SEN) Gold Quality Mark


I am very pleased to announce that Whittington CE Primary School has recently received the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Gold Quality Mark. This is a rare award and has only previously been awarded to 4 Primary Schools in Shropshire.


The inspectors reported that:
”The school has clear systems, structures and processes in place for fulfilling the requirements of the SEN Code of Practice and meeting the needs of the identified pupils. There is a range of
expertise in place and the school responds well to differing needs. Strong identification systems, planning and efficient use of resources alongside excellent relationships with external partners and parents result in good progress and outcomes for pupils with SEN.”


The process was a rigorous two and a half days inspection which involved discussion with the Headteacher and the SENCO (special Educational Needs
Coordinator), observering intervention groups with Teaching Assistants, observing lessons led by teachers, meeting with groups of parents, pupils and
governors. The inspection team noted that:
“The pupils with a Statement of SEN receive very good quality provision as indicated in the statement with appropriate intervention and agencies as required, tailored to individual need.”


The team spoke to parents who said they are:
“…confident that there are many systems of communication and that are fully informed in relation to their child.”


Parents said:
“They feel the staff are very approachable, willing to listen to any concerns/issues however small, they feel they are heard.”


The inspection team highlighted the hard work of all the staff and in particular the SENCO, Mrs Kelly Watkins, who was said to have:
“…a very good overview and understanding of all the SEN pupils and their specific needs.”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my hard working staff for continuing to raise the standards at Whittington and also to thank the parents, governors and children for their contributions towards this prestigious award. Thank you, too, to all the parents who gave up their time to come into school to speak to the SEN inspector.


Sean Sibley