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Covid19 (Coronavirus)

Covid19 (Coronavirus)

We will use this page to update parents and carers about any potential disruption to school activities during the Covid19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

The school is closed from Monday 23rd March and is only open to the children of key workers and those children who are vulnerable.


Situation from 23rd March

Following instructions by the Government. The school is closed indefinitely.

​The school is only providing childcare for the children of parents who are key workers and those children who have been identified as vulnerable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my child have to come to school?
No. It is better that children are not in school. We are keen to keep the numbers as low as possible to lower the risk of infection and maintain our provision.
Please do not consider this a place of learning. It won't be. Please don't consider this a place for children to socialise - it isn't.
Remember the message -
Stay home, Stay safe.

The school is closed and is offering childcare only. This is completely flexible. Parents may choose whether they use this or not and can choose their own hours.

Please do not leave children in the care of elderly/vulnerable relatives.

Q: What has happened to future planned school events?
All planned future school events are cancelled.

Q: I think I'm a key worker but I've not been identified as such, what do I do?
Advice from DfE "If workers think they fall within the critical categories above they should confirm with their employer that, based on their business continuity arrangements, their specific role is necessary for the continuation of this essential public service."

Q: Does my child have to wear uniform if they are in school?
No. Children should wear comfortable and safe clothing in order to do indoor and outdoor activities. Children will not be getting changed.

Q: My child has Special Educational Needs, should they be in school?
The school will not be providing education. We will provide resources for children and will be able to support SEN children who are home learning. However, our role is now primarily about childcare.

Q: What will they be doing?
The National Curriculum has been suspended. There are no SATS, phonic screen tests etc. Our main objective is childcare for key workers. We will, however ensure that children are completing educational activities daily and we'll provide support for those parents whose children are not in school to do the same. In times of uncertainty, children enjoy the routine of normality.

Q: Are you operating during the Easter holidays?
This is to be confirmed based on availability of staff. We will determine numbers soon.

Q: When will things go back to normal?
We don't know. Schools are shut indefinitely.
We will keep in touch with parents via this page, text and email.

Please contact the school if you have any queries.