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Whittington CE (VA) Primary School

Living and Learning with God by our side

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At ten years of age, I left my primary school with a passion for learning and self-confidence that has never diminished. I have only the best memories of my experiences and can directly link my primary education to my future life-choices. This is the experience that we aim to deliver for every one of our children.


At Whittington CE (VA) Primary School we believe in making children world-class learners, developing in them a confidence and thirst for knowledge that enables them to realise their talents and create their own futures. Children leave our school with an appreciation of the diverse range of intelligences that are needed for our society to function. They are prepared for the wider-world because they know what to do when faced with challenge; better than that, they embrace challenge.


In our school community we constantly challenge and develop our own understanding of effective learning.  We spend a lot of time knowing ourselves and what works for our children. If something works, we do more of it, if it doesn’t we change it. We provide our children with an inspirational curriculum that lights a fire inside of them. Our curriculum is experiential and creates life-long and treasured memories. Our curriculum is supported with curricular and extra-curricular enrichment that is innovative and purposeful. We pride ourselves on the opportunities that we provide for our children.


The way that we work is underpinned by our core values; these are the principles that drive our behaviour. The way that we work means that we have the highest standards and expect everything from our school community. The way that we work gets results.


I am so proud of our school and, more importantly, the individuals who make it such a special place to be. Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and I warmly invite you to visit our vibrant and caring learning environment where you can experience first-hand what Whittington CE (VA) Primary School means to us all.


Carl Rogers (Executive Headteacher)